Community Spotlight: CancerPartners The New Gilda’s Club Desert Cities

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Community Spotlight: CancerPartners The New Gilda’s Club Desert Cities

This month we are excited to spotlight our community partner April Hanig who serves as the Program Director at CancerPartners previously the Gilda’s Club Desert Cities. In addition to facilitating support groups and New Member Orientations, April oversees educational and social programming aimed at providing information related to living with and beyond cancer, its treatment and relevant life issues.

CancerPartners is a welcoming place that offers emotional, social and educational support for everyone impacted by cancer in the desert communities. People of all ages: men, women, teens and children who are coping with any type and stage of cancer, as well as their caregivers, family members and loved ones, can participate. They thrive in the nurturing environment and benefit from a full program that encompasses evidence-based, professionally led cancer support groups, exercise, nutrition and expressive arts classes, educational lectures and workshops, and social activities.

The goal of CancerPartners is to provide the social and emotional support that, according to the Institute of Medicine, is as important as medical care in cancer treatment. The program, based on scientific research, helps mitigate the psychosocial distress that comes with cancer diagnosis and treatment, including powerful feelings of loss of control, loss of hope, and unwanted aloneness. By actively participating in their fight for recovery, patients and loved ones minimize these unpleasant emotions, enhance the possibility of recovery, and improve their quality of life.

April Hanig Program Director

For more information, please contact April Hanig at 760-770-5678 or