Sheridan Care’s Innovative iCare Rewards Program for Caregivers

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Sheridan Care’s Innovative iCare Rewards Program for Caregivers

Sheridan Care cares for Caregivers!

Sheridan Cares about your loved ones and about our caregivers. We hire the best to provide a level of service and compassion unmatched by other providers. You expect the best and that’s what Sheridan provides. iCare is our way of saying Thank You to our caregivers for their excellent performance @SheridanCARE. iCare allows all our caregivers equal opportunity to actively work their way towards iCare rewards via a points system. It allows caregivers to be involved, plan ahead and choose from a variety of rewards available.

iCare celebrates the success and recognizes the professional care Sheridan Caregivers provide. The Caregiver of the Month is a prestigious recognition of an employee who has gone above and beyond the high standards and exceeds expectations set forth to bring our clients great peace of mind and joy!

Amazon Echo


Sheridan Care, one of southern California’s premier in-home senior care companies with offices in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, launched its iCare Rewards Program in August 2017. Open to Sheridan’s 200 plus “A list” caregivers who are all company employees, Sheridan is providing caregivers with one more benefit, which marks the distinctive difference in the quality and level of care that Sheridan Care provides. “With the iCare program, we are acknowledging our caregivers and the outstanding job they do. We want them to be rewarded for going above and beyond,” explains Susan Dost, founder and CEO/president of Sheridan Care.

The training, benefits, steady employment, and career advancement opportunities that Sheridan Care employees receive instills loyalty and dedication, unusual to the industry. Employees attend mandatory training (regardless of experience level), and must continually adhere to strict Sheridan Care standards, with spot checks by Sheridan Care case managers. Employees enjoy job stability and company benefits including healthcare, paid vacation and a matching 401K plan, resulting in a low attrition rate.

Sheridan Care team managers award points to caregivers in a number of ways, including working extra shifts, submitting outstanding case notes, and as employee of the month. Sheridan iCare Rewards include iPhones, movie tickets and the Amazon Echo. Caregivers can track their points by simply registering on the iCare webpage and logging in to their individual account.

“Since 2001 when I started Sheridan Care, my goal has not wavered – to provide experienced “A list” caregivers. This is another way to motivate and reward our caregivers,” Susan notes.

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