Community Partner Spotlight: QR Coded Medical ID Tags

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Community Partner Spotlight: QR Coded Medical ID Tags

This month we are excited to spotlight our community partner Marcus Motamedi who is the creator of ETAGZ QR Coded Medical ID Tags.

The system allows you to create a personalized medwall. This medwall includes pertinent information like blood type, allergies, primary physician, insurance information, list of current medications, and any medical conditions that you would want a first responder or anyone to know if you are injured or in an accident and cannot speak for yourself.

How it works:

In the event of an emergency, first responders or any bystander can scan the QR code on your tag using a smartphone or tablet. Once scanned the MEDWALL which has the persons Emergency Contact information is displayed giving the first responder information they need to make faster and better medical decisions to better assist you. If they don’t have a QR reader app on their phone, they can just launch their browser app and type in the simple URL: and then type in the unique reference found on the front of the Etagz tag.The ETAGZ system then promptly alerts your emergency contacts, caregiver, or loves ones anytime the tag is scanned.


For more information about ETAGZ QR Medical ID Tags visit