Challenges of the Aging LGBT Community

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Challenges of the Aging LGBT Community

June is LGBT Pride Month and a perfect time to reflect on the challenges our LGBT seniors face as they age.

Consider these shocking statistics about LGBT seniors:

  • Nearly one-half have a disability and nearly one-third report depression.
  • Almost two-thirds have been victimized three or more times.
  •  Thirteen percent have been denied healthcare or received inferior care.
  •  More than 20% do not disclose their sexual or gender identity to their physician.
  • About one-third do not have a will or durable power of attorney for healthcare.
  • LGBT seniors are Less likely to be partnered or married, which may result in less social support and financial security as they age

If you have an LGBT friend or family member who is over 50, take the opportunity to use pride month as a conversation starter to talk about how they are working through the aging process, planning for their future, and addressing any concerns they have.  Let them know that there are resources and LGBT friendly organizations to help them get the help they need.

I would also recommend The National Resource Center on LBGT Aging.  And, of course, please feel free to call Sheridan Care Desert Cities if you have any questions.